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Proposed noise boundary changes for Queenstown Airport realigned with other planning work

After considering community and stakeholder feedback regarding its proposed changes to Queenstown Airport’s noise boundaries, Queenstown Airport Corporation (QAC) will advance its Wanaka Airport master plan work and consider other key long-term planning initiatives before progressing its noise change proposal to the next stage.

QAC received nearly 1,500 online survey responses as well as 19 individual and group submissions during its five-week public consultation on the proposed noise changes.  The consultation followed six months of extensive stakeholder discussions at a local, regional and national level. 

QAC Chief Executive Colin Keel said that the company felt a strong responsibility to consider all viewpoints shared in the consultation process and strike the right balance between creating a sustainable platform for the long-term growth of air services to the region and the effects of such growth on its communities.

“The consultation process on the proposed noise changes has provided the community, airport stakeholders and others with an opportunity to engage with QAC and share their views.  We’ve received invaluable feedback which we will continue to consider as we formulate a way forward and plan for future infrastructure requirements.”

Mr Keel said that it was clear from the public consultation that many people linked the potential of increased airport activity to the wider questions around regional growth.

“We are mindful that Queenstown Airport is only one part of the wider picture and our consultation should not lead this important discussion on future growth.

“For this reason, it’s prudent to integrate our planning with others who have initiatives currently underway.  We will factor in considerations for Wanaka Airport in order to form a more comprehensive picture of the dual airport approach as well as strategic planning by other regional and national organisations, particularly Queenstown Lakes District Council.  This approach should assist in providing a more informed view on a desired and sustainable level of growth and development for our district,” he said.

QAC has recently shared its response to the consultation feedback with the Mayor and the Queenstown Lakes District Council.  Other key stakeholders, including minority shareholder Auckland International Airport, have also been briefed and support the position.

All responses received by QAC during the public consultation are now available online at  Personal details have been removed as appropriate to protect the privacy of individuals.