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NZ Airports welcomes findings from EPA report

The New Zealand Airports Association (NZ Airports) welcomes the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) report on PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) firefighting foams which found no risk to the public.

NZ Airports chief executive Kevin Ward says airports are committed to environmental responsibility without compromising passenger safety.

“In all cases where PFOS was present, the EPA found no evidence that it had been imported it after 2006 when PFOS foams were excluded from the Firefighting Chemicals Group Standard.

“In some cases, PFOS-contaminated foam couldn’t be immediately replaced. To ensure ongoing safety in the event of an air crash, airports were allowed to store it in compliance with EPA hazardous requirements until a replacement could be found.

“In all cases, airports followed EPA direction and compliance orders and complied with legal storage and labelling obligations.

“We welcome the EPA’s findings of substantial progress. Airports will continue to work with the EPA to ensure that all PFOS foams are safely removed and disposed of, eliminating the threat of any possible contamination.”