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Feedback on the proposed national policy statement on urban development

NZ Airports appreciates the main stimulus for the National Policy Statement (NPS) is the current housing shortage, and does not oppose endeavours to address that issue, it is fundamental to the development of productive urban centres that residential growth does not hinder the effective current or future operation of New Zealand's airports.

Airports, which could be adversely affected by future urban development enabled by the NPS, should also not be precluded from being able to submit on resource consent applications to ensure relevant considerations are effectively taken into account throughout the consent process.

Airports are located in all of the areas of New Zealand which are experiencing high levels of population growth, and reverse sensitivity effects on airports represents a major challenge in planning for this growth. It is critical that any NPS on urban development addresses reverse sensitivity effects on airports, given the significant threat such development has on the growth and development of this crucial infrastructure. While urban intensification is supported, this must not be to the detriment of New Zealand's airports.