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Christchurch Airport has released its first Sustainability Report

Christchurch Airport has released its first Sustainability Report. The airport launched its Sustainability Strategy in March 2016. The Strategy is centred around the Maori concept of kaitiakitanga – responsibility, care and guardianship.

“We understand we have a duty to take responsible and prudent steps to protect the environment for future generations. That means we do all we can to minimise our use of natural resources and the impact our business has on the environment, whilst recognising the limitations that currently exist in the aviation industry, says the report.  

Compared with the 2016 financial year, the report says the airport has cut overall energy use by 6 per cent and decreased carbon emissions by 5.9 per cent. It has recycled an extra 89 tonnes of waste, and noise complaints had dropped from 33 to 1.7 complaints per 10,000 aircraft movements. In June this year it was able to recycle more waste than was sent to landfills. New ground power units have also been installed to enable aircraft to use electricity instead of aviation fuel to run their systems while on the ground. 

The full report is available here