Why airports matter

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Airports are strategic assets contributing to the wellbeing of local economies. They help build communities and connect people.

Airports support local communities

Airports are the gateways to New Zealand, connecting communities and families.

They are critical infrastructure that enable rapid transport across New Zealand.

Airports national network

Airports support local communities.

Most airports are fully or partly owned by local councils and have returned $510 million to local economies in the last 5 years.

Airports connecting the world

Every airport in New Zealand is an important part of a national network that connects passengers to all corners of the country.

Airports are gateways

Airports connect New Zealand to the rest of the world.

Almost all international tourists enter New Zealand through airports, supporting a tourism industry which in 2018 contributed $27 billion to GDP.

27 million

domestic passengers use our airports to travel across New Zealand every year

14 million

international passengers arrive in and depart from New Zealand via airports every year.

Airports are enablers for international and domestic tourism, business travel, imports and exports, education, aero clubs, skydiving, scenic flights, hospital transfers and rescue services.

Airports are enablers

Airports add $6.5 billion to the New Zealand economy every year.

80,000 people are employed at airports across the country.

Every passenger generates $395 (avg) in a region’s economy, plus visitor spending.

Story of New Zealand's airports

Airports are more than just transport infrastructure assets.

Local airports impact us all. Communities up and down our country rely on their airports to ensure access to healthcare, education and economic growth opportunities such as tourism.

They are also crucial parts of our disaster response infrastructure.

Disaster response

Disaster response

Runways are needed for airlift after emergencies.

Social cohesion

Social cohesion

Family and social bonds rely on regular air links.

Big city access

Big city access

Local businesses need to meet customers in our major cities.


Join the world

Join the world

NZ regional towns need connections to the world.

Job creation

Job creation

Airports create employment and enable tourism and other industries.

Medical access

Medical access

Airports allow routine and emergency medical flights.

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Building communities and connecting people