About Us

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NZ Airports purpose is to:

  1. facilitate co-operation, mutual assistance, information exchange and educational opportunities for Members;
  2. promote and advise Members on legislation, regulation and associated matters;
  3. provide timely information and analysis of all New Zealand and relevant international aviation developments and issues;
  4. provide a forum for discussion and decision on matters affecting the ownership and operation of airports and the aviation industry;
  5. disseminate advice in relation to the operation and maintenance of airport facilities;
  6. act as an advocate for airports and safe efficient aviation

Membership of NZ Airports is in four categories:

  • Category 1: Airport owners and operators - with three sub-groups representing different sizes of airport
  • Category 2: Aviation-related organisations
  • Category 3: Individuals employed in, or having an interest in, the aviation industry
  • Category 4: Honorary Life Membership


Executive Committee

The governing body of NZ Airports is the Executive Committee, known as ExCo.  Membership of ExCo is shared among category 1 and 2 members to ensure appropriate representation of the sector.  Current ExCo members are:

  • Stuart Ainslie, Hawke's Bay Airport
  • David Hayes, Masterton Airport
  • Dean Heiford, Marlborough Airport
  • Richard Holyoake, Beca
  • Malcolm Johns, Christchurch Airport
  • Colin Keel, Queenstown Airport
  • Adrian Littlewood, Auckland Airport
  • Steve Sanderson, Wellington Airport (Chair)
  • Wayne Wootton, New Plymouth Airport


Chief Executive

Kevin Ward

Level 8, 45 Johnston Street, Wellington
PO Box 11 369, Manners Street, Wellington 6142
Telephone +64 4 384 3217
Mobile +64 21 384 524


NZ Airports has 34 airport members ranging in size from a few thousand to 13 million passengers per year.  The full range of airport ownership structures are represented, including privately owned, council-owned, joint ventures between councils and the Crown, airport companies and public companies.

There are 28 non-airport members including consulting and engineering firms, and other aviation-related organisations.

Attached are the Rules of NZ Airports Association